Movement Education 
SourcePoint Therapy®

Liesje Smith 
Shelburne, Vermont


Explore Rolfing as a way to bring greater aliveness to your body.  Rolfing is a body mind therapy that rebalances and frees your body through hands-on and movement rehabilitation.   It releases stresses, strains and tensions that may have held in your body over time. The freedom that ensues leads you to a sense of increased  physical and emotional vitality, improved health, wellness and physical appearance.


What is Rolfing?

The connective tissue of our bodies organizes around strains and stresses, compacting muscles to bones and comdensing joints between the bones.   This is a cooping mechanism that leads us feeling pain and discomfort.  Our bodies do their best to adapt to stresses in life, but compensatory strains are absorbed and transmutes throughout our  whole system, creating a functionally limiting pattern.  We may get around well enough, but our experiences are impeded and we feel like we are settling for less then great.

When working with you, I add energy and direction into your body toward greater order. I see how it can  organize itself in space as a weight baring system without pain and with resilience.  I hold the question as I work, “What would I see if this structure could perfectly express the being that resides within?”  I put tissue where it needs to go, and the person begins to feel clearer.  There is a better conversation between body and mind.

Why do people choose Rolfing?

From working with me, clients have resolved long standing structural pain, increased range of motion, increased energy, gained greater body awareness and ease, and achieved higher personal goals such as finding courage to face difficult challenges,  losing weight, running marathons, getting out of overwhelm, initiating more self-care, and managing their lives more effectively. I feel confident that you will find benefit from your time with me.

Besides nearly 90 minutes of hands-on time, we do a weekly evaluation of how things are coming along and I finish sessions by  providing  simple post-session exercise.  You can’t find exercises like these anywhere elsewhere because they connect you with your perception, a very valuable learning tool.  These exercises will help you to maintain what you have learned in the session so you can get the most value from our time together. You will definitely leave the sessions with a greater vision for  your body, understanding the challenges you face, and seeing the strategies needed for optimal vitality, and what are your next action steps.

What is a typical session of Rolfing like?

“Rolfing is a means of opening to engage with and explore the energy of life itself….” – Tom Wing

Typically, Rolfing is done in ten or three 90 minute sessions for the full structural integration program. This time allows your body time to go through great changes that are balancing and long lasting. There is a progression where first the body is “unwrapped” a bit from its superficial binds; then we go deeper into the core and in the end, we return to integration. I ask you awareness questions and movement exercises along the way which gives you the experience of greater attentiveness to sensation. So you learn a lot at the body level, which is very impactful. The touch is deep but not painful or invasive.

There also is a three session series which consists of the first three of the ten sessions. This is the first full “go around” of the whole body, before going into the deeper layers which starts in Session 4.

Usually, people wear underwear or shorts, but comfortable clothing is also an option. I keep the room warm so you will be comfortable.

Who comes for sessions?

I work with people who find their bodies have  functional and structural problems that are impinging normal ease of motion and coordination.

These are people who:

  • are coping with accidents
  • have not found lasting results elsewhere
  • are serious athletes and put high demands on their bodies
  • are facing impeding surgeries that they would like to avoid
  • bare physical impairments at time of birth
  • bare physical and psychological traumas
  • experience breathing issues
  • hold limiting core belief patterns
  • simply know there can be more joy and vitality in their bodies!


What have clients reported about their Rolfing experience?

Many of my clients would like to change this trajectory.

They are:

  • interested in having a more exciting and fulfilling relationship with their bodies
  • curious about how they can optimize the body’s functional health
  • are not persuaded by a quick fix that does not resolves the issue
  • appreciate that the approach I use releases the body from strain and it takes the time of ten sessions to reorganize it in a coherent, coordinated way

I don’t believe I make the body change, rather I make change possible and the body ignites it’s capacity to bring the system to a healthier, more freeing state.  Once this is started, it keeps happening.  Many of my clients report to me that they keep feeling better, long after the sessions are over.

Another advantage clients gain is a sense of greater choice and freedom  as they stay with the process of Rolfing.  Even core belief patterns may resolve: One thing I have been delighted to see is that Rolfing enables change in peoples’  lives where they once struggled.

People have reported to me that they  have:

  • found the courage and support to face relational challenges easily that once eluded them for years
  • found  the able to walk away from surgeries or felt more prepared and supported through surgery and they recovered faster
  • after years of struggling to thrive, finally began to follow a more authentic path that created benefit for themselves and empowered their continual growth
  • finally initiate exercise programs, without feeling they made themselves have to do it and found that losing weight can be done with enthusiasm
  • Noticed that changes were long lasting and continue to blossom long after the series was completed!

These results can happen when the body is moving toward greater order, balance harmony and flow.  Change can occur more easily.  These changes are there to stay because they come from a  heartfelt, sensate  connection.


 Other Modalities:

Source Point Therapy uses a hands-on scanning technique to locate energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. These blockages often are the source of symptom patterns.  Connecting to the universal blueprint of health and bringing this information to these blockages reorders the individual energy field, supports and sustains the physical body, and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments.

Rolf Movement facilitates your ability to listen to your body as it moves, in stillness, or as you breath.  You learn that it communicates with your mind through sensation.  Using simple movement explorations, you can recognize and allow these sensations to occur creating greater range of motion that is also stable and balancing.  Limiting patterns are restored and you can gain more capacity to engage your life with vitality.