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Bench Work

Bench Work during Rolfing Session

“Rolfing is a means of opening to engage with and explore the energy of life itself….” – Tom Wing

Using Rolf Methods, SourcePoint and Movement, I work with people who find their bodies have  functional and structural problems that are impinging normal ease of motion and basic comfort. These are people who have dealt with accidents, impeding surgeries, born with structural challenges, experienced trauma, have difficulty breathing, participate in significant repetitive movement, or never learned much about how to use their bodies in a functional way.

In any of these circumstances, the connective tissue of our bodies organize around strains and stresses, compacting our muscles to bones and compacting joints between the bones.   Our bodies are very adaptable and these common physical and emotional stresses are absorbed throughout our  whole system.  We may function alright, but we limp along for years with less then great experiences.  We lack a true sense of holism.

Many of my clients are interested in a greater, long lasting relationship with their bodies and it’s dynamic capacity to heal itself, rather then a brief fix. They realize the approaches I use are more then simply taking the body apart, which is relatively simple, but rather that it also involves putting the body back together again in an organized, coherent fashion.  Ultimately, I don’t believe I make the changes, rather I make change possible and the body ignites it’s capacity to bring the system to a healthier, more freeing state.  Clients learn that they have greater choices as they stay with the process of Rolfing.

I add energy and direction into the body toward greater order. I see how it can  organize itself in space as a weight baring system without pain and with resilience.  I hold the question as I work, “What would I see if this structure could perfectly express the being that resides within?”  I put tissue where it needs to go, and the person begins to feel clearer.  There is a better conversation between body and mind.  

Results/Case Studies: One thing I have been delighted by that Rolfing brings to my clients is watching them enable change in their lives where they once struggled. These changes may not even be body related, but then again, they may be. I have seen people find the courage and strength to face challenges easily that had eluded them for years. Others were able to walk away from surgeries or be more prepared and supported through surgery. People who, after years of struggling to thrive, finally build support around them, empowering them to grow. I have seen people finally initiate exercise programs, without feeling they made themselves do it and people finally lose weight with a sense of enthusiasm. People found more capacity to make changes happen easily because when the body finds itself in greater order, balance harmony and flow, the changes are intrinsic and comes from a place of heartfelt connection.


Rolf Method

SourcePoint Therapy  

Movement Education

Burlington & Vergennes, Vermont.

This website welcomes you to the possibility of a deep personal journey in bodywork.

Rolfing is a body mind therapy that rebalances and frees your body through hands-on and movement rehabilitation.   It releases stresses, strains and tensions that may have held in your body over time. The freedom that ensues leads you to a sense of increased  physical and emotional vitality, improved health, wellness and physical appearance.

Source Point Therapy™ uses a hands-on scanning technique to locate energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. These blockages often are the source of symptom patterns.  Connecting to the universal blueprint of health and bringing this information to these blockages reorders the individual energy field, supports and sustains the physical body, and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments.

Movement Education facilitates your ability to listen to your body as it moves, in stillness, or as you breath.  You learn that it communicates with your mind through sensation.  Using simple movement explorations, you can recognize and allow these sensations to occur creating greater range of motion that is also stable and balancing.  Limiting patterns are restored and you can gain more capacity to engage your life with vitality.